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It breaks my heart every time I see a mother wearing a bra that is ill-fitting. Mainly because of the long term effect it will have on her back, but also because I too struggled to find a good bra after I had my son. My breasts had changed and my cleavage was 'different', I now had what is called "Mom boobs". There is absolutely nothing wrong with "Mom boobs", it is part of the beautiful journey of motherhood. Even if you don't bear a child, at some point your breasts will change because of nature taking its course and also due to gravity. After the birth of a child, the size and shape of a woman's breasts change. Also, after breastfeeding they lose some of their lift, this is due to the stretching of the breast ligaments when baby latches on and pulls the nipple. So smile mommy, its completely normal and part of nature. However, it is paramount to give those fabulous lady humps a good lift and support because it hurts your back in the long run.

Besides the fact that an ill-fitting bra makes you look bigger than you actually are and hinders you from doing a lot of your daily activities, it has more implications health-wise. A non-supportive bra causes poor posture and weakens back muscles, which leads to upper back and shoulder pains. When breasts are not supported, the weight tends to draw the shoulders forward, making your back haunch and causing the upper and mid back to strain.
Statistics say 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and/or fit. Below are just some of the tests to see if you fall within this 80%:

  • when you bend over and one of your breasts pops out of your bra or having to hold them when bending over because you know this will happen
  • research says you shouldn't be able to slide more than one finger under the band of a good bra
  • when you slouch when sitting or standing, your breasts aren't well supported and their weight is pulling you downward
  • when you can't do certain activities because they bounce all over the place
  • when you look bigger than you actually are
  • when you constantly have to 'tuck'and 'fix'
Caring for your "Mom boobs" starts as early as as pregnancy. Get a bigger bra to accommodate your now swelled up breasts.
During breastfeeding, a bra that fits is vital and also sleep with a nursing bra on at night as opposed to being bra-less.
Bra cups must not drown in the bottom or spill out the top.
As mentioned, you shouldn't be able to slide more than one finger under the band. It has to be tight (but comfortable). Forget back fat.
Wear a sports bra when you exercise. Exercising causes your breasts to bounce (which causes ligaments to stretch), if you do it often without a good sports bra they will sag further and hurt your back. For the small busted mommies find a sports bra that presses against your chest and for the big busted mommies find one that is wired.
Bad posture exacerbate saggy breasts. So stand up straight and don't sit hunched over. Your chair at the office and in your car should be adjusted at 90 degrees. It looks "uncool" but your back will thank you one day in your 50's or 60's when all your friends are complaining about back ache;)

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