Thursday, 2 October 2014


Maintenance sex is not passionate sex, its that sex you have to keep the machine greased up, that just for control sex. Normally happens when you're tired, have a "headache" or simply just not in the mood. We have all been in that situation when your man needs some action and all you need is some sleep. Some people say maintenance sex is about taking care of your man's needs, because honestly, after a day multi-tasking a gazillion things women can go without sex.

But here's what I think about it, it is not just about taking care of his needs, you're indirectly taking care of yours too. See sex is his need and not yours at the time, but tomorrow you're gonna need him to take care of a hundred of yours. And you also don't want to deal with a grumpy partner.
I always say men don't have a lot of needs and sex is like the top of that short list (well they say 60% of the time it's for the passion and the other 40% is just for the sperm outlet), but the point is they need sex. Now, we women on the other hand, have a loooong list of needs, because we are emotional beings, so just take care of that one need of his and he takes care of your many.
Melissa Gorga, the author of "Love, Italian style", says when she and her husband get into a fight and they had had sex the night before he gives in easily and isn't as angry, but the fights they get into when he hasn't hit it for a while are heated. I'm sure we can all relate. My only concern is that maintenance sex can start to feel like routine and take the passion away. When you don't do it for like 4 or 5 days, the day the cookie jar opens sparks fly, if you know what I mean. But when its every second day I'm assuming it will start feeling like literally eating food. I mean, you still want those hot steamy nights. Is it good or bad? You judge for yourself...

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